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There is an endless curiousity that drives me.  

I'm curious about people, creativity, relationships, internal and external landscapes, the unseen forces of our universe and above all, connectedness.  I have found that this beautiful medium of photography helps me make sense of these curiousities.  From behind black boxes I see differently.........deeper.

There isn't a photo I take without curiousity and consideration.  Why is this moment unique?  Why does it matter?  What mysteries will it help to unravel?  What questions can be answered?  Miraculously, time and time again, single and collected images continually manage to speak to these questions..........and answer them.  

I love photography for so very many reasons.  

I love to connect.  I love to understand.  I love to share.  I love to expand.  I love to create.  

For over a decade now this craft and industry have taken me around the world, helped me form relationships I deeply value, assisted in the neverending saga of self understanding & growth and have been a consistent source of artistic expression.  I've learned volumes.  I've learned to document intentionally and with purpose. To be reliable while maintaining my romance and passion.  How to get shit done and make things happen. How to be a team player while consistently honoring my own voice.  These things I've grown through and so much more.  I hope to never stop.

Photography, the professional field and I myself will always be shifting and reorganizing, a constant flow of change and adaptation.  

Never a moment to sit in complacency.......

....which is why this photography thing and I, we get along just fine.